"If you follow Jodi's posts, you can't help but become smitten with her style. We travelled from central MA to have her photograph our family. My 5yo is pretty easy-going but my 2yo had a mind of her own. I kept worrying about it but Jodi took it all in stride because she is a mom herself and had some tricks up her sleeve. Looking through the gallery transports me right back to that afternoon. Jodi is so talented! The settings she picked looked gorgeous and she makes magic with the light. I love so many of the snapshots she captured of our family. The kids' ages and personalities are so well represented -- Zach's affectionate, sweetness and Quinn's cautious independence. I am flat out obsessed with the one of Quinn's sweet but mischievous smirk. I have tried to capture that part of her and failed, but Jodi succeeded! I look forward to having her photograph our family again!"

– Valery Y.

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